Thursday, May 01, 2008


Yesterday while riding my bike on the NB REC Trails, I passed this dude riding his bike with aero bars. As I passed, I cordially said hello to him. I did not even get a look or a grimace as I passed. I usually don't do this but I was going slow enough, I thought what the heck, it's a nice night, blah blah blah... So I headed off East towards home into the wind thinking some people are so stoic.

I had to unfortunately drink Cytomax last night for my workout since we were out of everything else. The stuff is so acidic, and it causes me to have indigestion but I had no choice. So needless to say it causes me to spit a LOT. So I am riding alone listening to my music and I turned my head to the right to spit and all of a sudden that guy on the TRI bike was behind me, which I had no clue he was there, and he got it good. I shouted out that I was sorry, I don't know if he heard me since I had my music blaring. He tried to chase me down, I dusted him:) I thought it was pretty funny.


sugs said...

Yep...he should have said "hi"; Justice was done!

Anonymous said...

Are you sure it wasn't a tricycle instead of a Tri bike.

Rasmussen Bike Shop said...

Have you forgotten what it means to 'dust' somebody? Or, in addition to spitting on the tri-geek and then dropping him, did you also 'dust' him? If so, I am truly proud of you!

Iowa Duster