Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Butter Cream Frosting

Today is one my favorite patients birthday. He is a little sad that he is in the hospital having all the necessary work-up before his heart transplant. Getting listed for transplant involves many tests and it can become very over whelming for the patient. So yesterday he told me he would like a bowl of butter cream frosting for his Birthday which is his second wish. His first wish was to go home today for his Birthday. So last night I made him some cup cakes and I did not frost them yet. I left the homemade butter cream frosting in a bowl. I will pop in today to surprise him. I will let him make the decision if he wants to frost the cupcakes:) I can't wait to see his smile!


Carlos said...

That's really nice of you!
By the way my birthday is july 31.
So I hope to see some cupcakes for that day :-)

Christine said...

Sure, just remind me:)

sue dionne said...

So how many favorite patients do you have?? You really go above and beyond in your work. I hope your patients all know how lucky they are!! Are you ready for the race this weekend? Good Luck!!