Monday, May 26, 2008

The Perfect Ride

You know you had a good ride when you blow a hole in your socks:)
The day had finally arrived and us girls got together for a fun ride at the Kettles. Amy, Sondra, Rachael, Holly and I, tore up the trails out to Emma and back on the most perfect day of the year.

These guy's needed a break and finally pulled over to rest and let us on through. Us girls were to big of a match for them to keep up. And they thought they were hard core mountain bikers:)

We ran into the MARS boys, looking all dapper.

There were some new single track sections off the blue that were a bit different from a few weeks ago and these sections had super flow to them. One section on the connector on the way back needs some tree trimming, I had to duck down pretty low and curl up into a ball while riding trough to avoid getting raked in the eyes. The trails are dry and fast and a whole lot of fun!


spicyride said...

good times!

amelia said...

awww fun. wish i could have been there!