Friday, July 31, 2009

Course updates

The course for the Alterra Race is being marked as I write this message. Ty Gonzalez (race director) and Tim Scanley (Alterra team captain) have the start of the course marked off and said it is pretty self explanitory as you follow the course along. It will be completely marked by tonight. The course is open for riding anytime. Marty Weigel (WEMS) was working on final touches to the downhill burm. So if your out there and have energy left over after your ride, ask if they need help with anything, they sure would appreciate it!

The course is dry and fast! Have fun and we look forward to a Great Race on Sunday!

Final Sport Comp and Elite course for Alterra Race

The Comp/Elite course is exactly 7 miles a lap with the Alpha trails and switch back climb to the top of Crystal ridge Mountain.

Sport will do everything Comp/Elites run including the switchback climb but not to the very top of Crystal Ridge mountain.

Everyone is doing the new switchback down hill , Citizen, Sport, Comp/Elite

The course remains in excellent shape and will be fully marked by the end of today. Ty will be out there all day along with Tim, so if you are available, come on out and give them a hand if you have some time. I am sure they would appreciate it!

Team Trail Day Photos

Team Trail Days 08

Alterra Coffee Bean Classic Race 08 photos

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Citizen Lap for Alterra Race

The Citizen Lap is 5.5 mile with the easier part of the Alpha trails. Citizen will do two laps which includes the Craters of the Moon climb and the start climb. The course is fast and in great shape.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Hard at work

No job to big for team Alterra. Bench cutting the new downhill section for this weekends race.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Thursday night Alterra team ride at CR

The top of Crystal Ridge Big Hill looking west

Team pic without Roger. Left to Right: Tim, Michelle, Dan, Roman, Sam, Christopher, Regina, Greg, Ty and Christine

Greg and Henry not in uniform because they wanted to do more trail work

Comp/Elite Course with the Alpha trails for this years Alterra Coffee Bean Classic Race at Crystal Ridge, Franklin Wisconsin on August 2nd 2009. WORS #7

Team pic with Roger

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Trail Days

Yesterday after work I grabbed a piece of cold left over pizza from the fridge, loaded the car and headed off to trail days at Crystal Ridge. Stuck in rush hour for 30 minutes, I finally made it in time to do some work with the team, Ty, Greg and Christopher. Ty was cutting the cap with the heavy duty lawn mower and also working on the new section of the switch back climb. Greg led us down to the Alpha trails where work was to be done cutting back the weeds. Prior to our departure in the deep woods, we slathered ourselves in OFF from head to toe.

Sure is pretty as the sun sets
One step even near the woods and we were viciously attacked by swarms of these little vampires. I should of thought to spray the inside of my ears since they tried desperately to find somewhere I forgot to spray it seemed. By the time we got to the split on the Alpha trail where it said difficult or easy, Christopher and I had lost the battle and surrendered.

Our leader Ty popped open the trunk and handed us off a nice tasty cold one for our fearless efforts. Greg on the other hand was still down on the Alpha trails working diligently. Some reason, they were not bothering him so much :-)

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Firecracker's launch Superfly

photo's from Amy D
Literally, I was seeing stars for most of the race. Full on attacks in the rock garden (thanks Lori) and smooth riding in the beautiful single track made for a very fun ride at WORS #5 Firecracker Race. I can't really remember anything other than what my awesome coach has reminded me to think about when racing and it worked. I was feeling really efficient and negotiating the trails with smooth cornering. I felt like Mikey with MAD SKILLZ in the single track for the day. I also had fun with the comp guys and it felt like heaven out there once again. A few of the guys were quite comical which made the racing even more fun. I managed to stay upright in a few sticky close call situations when others try to pass on the bridges and on ledges. Someone actually asked to pass me on the ledgey descent into the first creek crossing on lap one, I should of said, "go left" :-) Going into lap three I think, I saw Karlene and Brenda out of the corner of my eye which kept me even more motivated all the way to the finish line.

Thanks to Amy D and Rusty for such great photos of everyone out there. Big thanks to Demi for my hand ups!

This season is getting HOT!

Monday, July 06, 2009

Photos from Firecracker

Some Citizen Women, Sport start and a few elite finishes here

WORS # 5 Firecracker

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Superfly is back! Good day of racing on a super fun course. Loading pics...more to come

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

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smelling the flowers on my way