Saturday, March 29, 2008

Another Kitchen Gadget

I have had a taste for waffles and decided to get this gadget. Not a high end model but at least it was not made in Japan. Heats up quickly and cleans up in a snap.
Nonstick and the waffles just slide out. This one is not perfect because I did not put in enough batter. You need at least two ladles full of mix to cover the griddle.

The first time I made waffles I used whole wheat flour and Ty did not like the heaviness especially before a ride so I bought this stuff at William Sonoma. Supposedly they make these kind of waffles at Disney World and are tasty. So if kids like um I am sure Ty will too! The ingredients were not too bad, wheat flour, corn flour and the malt powder which is the secret. $10.00 a can a hefty price. By the way while I was in William Sonoma they had some high end waffle makers that priced at $200.00. I could see if you have ten kids and were making them on a daily basis, but come on?

They taste really good and just one filled me up. Tasted restaurant style with a bit of sweetness. So if you have a waffle iron I would suggest you try it.

Friday, March 28, 2008


I blew off a ride, so there!
Fuck this weather along with the trainer

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Prescribed Recovery

So what's new? In preparation for our trip to Arizona and the Nova race I have a chance to relax a bit, well not exactly but at least some less intense workouts this week. A few hours off the bike here and there add up to countless free time doing the "other things" I like to do.

Yes I did purchase the perfect push up handles and believe me I was paying the price the other day after my first routine. I pulled a muscle in the middle of my back while showering the day after, and it took a half a bottle of Ibuprofen to cool it down. According to the directions, I completed a test to see how many push ups I can do before exhaustion. I went for the easier 10, thankfully! They have you start a weekly schedule of reps each day with a day or two off in between. So I started on DAY #1, one set of wide and one set of close push ups, 8 reps, 6 reps, 4 reps, 2 reps each, you get the picture. Huh, I can do push ups but was I fooled. The twisting motion, added height off the floor all play a role on different muscle groups including your abs. So far, I give the Perfect Push up an A+. I like the convenience of having this in my home office instead of driving to the gym to squeeze in Power Flex class with work and riding. I do a little blogging, surfing and then get down do ten, repeat. You should try it!

The other half of me also likes to cook and it has been a while since I posted one of my dinners. I have tons of pictures and recipes but don't have the time to share with all of you. I might start up a cooking blog when I retire. So this month's bon appetit had a recipe for lamb chops with dried cherries and port. 30 minutes time.

I have also been exploring Lactic Acid Fermentation and experimenting with various things in my diet such as the alcohol. I enjoy a glass of wine, I won't kid any of you, I love to catch a buzz. Unfortunately a glass a wine with dinner and few more on the weekends adds up to a lot of crap which make my legs feel like cement cylinders. So as I investigate it may not be the "lactic acid build up" but what I have to buffer or help the level of the pH in my blood stream in order to convert all the chemical reactions. Simple but very complex. I decided to do a test and WA LA, the legs don't feel like lead when I avoid alcohol for long periods of time. Hmmm, this is going to be difficult.

So after a week or so without certain chemical concoctions, Ty and I enjoyed a Mexican Dinner at La Perla last night in celebration of recovery week. My will power had jumped off the shoulder and the devil prodded my decision to split a Margarita with Ty.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Saturday, March 22, 2008

The damage report

Snowman courtesy of the Ortner Family

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Decisions, decisions

In prep for the race in AZ, the tire dilemma begins...

Friday, March 14, 2008

Dick Burke an Urban Legend

Richard A. Burke died Monday of complications after heart surgery in December. He was 73.

The Melt Down Begins

I decided to do my own Thursday night Alterra ride and ran into a few trouble spots on the way but nothing as drastic as this puddle thankfully. I like to ride down to Lake Park to take a few pictures an this by far wins for largest puddle of the day.

After the ride I stopped in to pick up a nickle bag of fresh coffee to share with my friends at work who are jonesin for a good cup by now.

Yummy hot Mocha with no whip makes for a delicious dinner.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Squeezing every ounce of sunshine

Took out the bike again since the roads are remaining pretty dry and had a chance to ride off into the sunset last night. I have to say it was the most refreshing ride yet this year. I was on River drive and had to stop and take the picture but just missed the bright orange sky as the sun dipped behind the clouds.

Pretty soon the beach will not be so desolate here at Pewaukee Lake.

The ride back was a bit bone chilling as I headed into the wind until I hit the Brookfield area and then it seemed the temps were a bit warmer. My core was really warm but it was the darn fingers that get a bit nippy. Someone should come up with finger tip warmers.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Favorite Pic

Moab 2004

Monday, March 10, 2008

Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Domination of Nature

Perfect weather for a ride you would think. It was an unusual day for me to get out of work early and on my drive home the sun was blaring and the roads were considerably dry and I thought to myself it would be great to get in a ride outside after work for ONCE. My Power Tap arrived UPS overnight form Colorado Springs service center with a new and desperately needed battery replacement. I told myself it would be nice to take the road bike out for a ride instead of the MTB. Once I hit the door to my house I was like a little kid, so excited to get out and play. Chasing around the house to gather all the necessities I need to ride outside in thirty degree weather. Time was a waisting and sunset comes too soon at this time of year as I hurried frantically sliding in my socks on the hardwood floor nearly wiping out before I even get on the bike.

I hit the road after a few checks, tires, tube, water, phone camera, gel... I decide to take the parkway route instead of Burleigh out to Pewaukee, for some reason riding on the city streets around five o'clock rush hour does not excite me, especially when drivers are trying to avoid pot holes, I certainly would not win. I wore my winter riding jacket and just the Craft wool cold weather shirt, since it was a bit warm and I knew I would start sweating soon. I forgot that the wind is wicked cold when riding the road bike since it is much faster then the MTB and it was whipping inside my gloves and my fingers were practically numb right away. Thirty minutes into my ride I was just feeling comfortable and it looked like the sun was starting to set.
I was so excited to ride outside I did not look at my meter for awhile and as I was riding at a pretty good clip, I looked down and saw that my power was at zero to 30 Watts which was ridiculous. I pulled off to the side to try to remedy the situation and find a cause. My first thought was to blame the knuckle head who put in the new battery for he must of changed some settings by accident. I jiggled a few wires and started to ride again to see my lack of knowledge did not seem to fix the problem. Now I was getting pissed. I was so happy to be outside and ride the road bike and it was failing me and made this all the more frustrating when you want to do some interval work. So I turned around and headed back home at a furious pace to call the service center.
At least on the way back home I had a nice moderate climb to burn off some steam. I got in the door peeled off all my riding garments now full of sweat and headed upstairs to my computer. I hooked up the SRM to check the settings and they were intact, no one messed with the slope settings. I sat in front of the computer screen staring at the readings totally upset because I just wanted to ride. Luckily Ty just walked in the door from work to help me trouble shoot the situation. He had me get back on the bike after I mounted it to the trainer and start spinning. The first question he asked me was, "did you zero out the computer?" Uh, no I quietly stated. "Well try that." So I got off, zeroed out the computer and WA LA! I was back to business, THANK YOU TY! Silly Me.
It took up some motivation by now to work up the appetite to finish off the ride on the trainer since I originally had my hopes so high on a great road ride. I dug in and got to work to the music on the shuffle. I flipped towards the back end of my music library where I keep the hammer music stored and started with Front 242, Headhunter Vol 3 as I got ready for the pain. One minute into the final interval the music died and that is when I really dug deep and said WTF?
So the moral of today's story, we rely to much on technology from daylight savings time to conserve on the energy we continue to waste and all the electronics I "think" I need to have a good ride, had me pondering thoughts to a class I took in college, the philosophy of technology and where it is really taking us.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Random thoughts

I would like to know where some of my books are? If anyone borrowed them and you are finished could you please return them. I tend to "borrow" things to people who I thought were responsible and I would hope to get my stuff back eventually without having to make a list of who has what. It is not that I really care or that I even remember I have this "stuff" but if you borrow something, maybe you should write a note to yourself to remember to return it to it's owner.

We went to a Holiday Party in the neighborhood this past weekend and the "new" neighbors redesigned their kitchen and it is to die for. To top it off, there home is spotless and free of clutter just like in those nice home magazines. After the party I was motivated to make our home look anal and uncluttered. I started with the office desk which so busy. Invaded by at least twenty cords to various machines such as the printer, phone, computer screen, lights, camera, scanner, headphones, keyboards, speakers...I am surprised the dam house has not burned down yet. So I bought a plastic accordion looking tube to hide all those nasty cords in. I have to say it looks more organized and I am one step closer to that perfect magazine home.

I went to powerflex class last night at the gym and the awesome instructor was there and the class was packed and I was lucky to scathe a spot for myself. I usually can never make her classes due to work. I have had other instructors for this class but they all SUCK and it pisses me off that I pay for this gym membership and they only have a few decent instructors who know what the hell they are doing. Anyway...Wendy sure knows how to push you to your limits and just when you think you have a break she makes you get down and do 100 push-ups UGH!

I saw a few patients in the past month who had fallen on the ice and took some pretty good spills. I had one elderly man who takes public transportation fall at least four times and hit his head trying to walk home. Luckily a good citizen saw what had happened and drove him home and made sure he was ok they unfortunately did not know he should of really got checked out in urgent care. Four days later he was in my office complaining of a headache all week, nausea and that he was sleeping with a bucket next to his bed because he was throwing up. RED FLAG, he was off for a CT scan of his head down in the ER.

I am on day #6 no refined sugar, candy or other crap that falls into this category. Candy at work, lying around at home, parties with endless desserts...these little bite here and there have added up to 3 lbs on the scale and I HAVE NOT been sitting on my ass. Top it off, I had my body fat calculated by a fellow co-worker with the calipers and that put me over the edge. Speaking of CRAP food, one of my friends so politely pointed out that "Fritos" is made with corn, oil and salt, that's good for you? more CORN!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Now here is a story worth reading.

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Burning Calories

Happy Days are here again! Five more Days and we will be unleashed from the darkness.