Sunday, May 11, 2008


Joined in with Pedal Moraine gang to help pave new trails for the 12 hours WEMS race coming up. Well, we at least we showed up to eat all their delicious food. New Fane Trails are fast and fun and I am sure the race will be a favorite with many.
We did a group ride after all our hard work grooming mother nature. Once again I found myself abandoned but Luckily I came prepared and brought the Shuffle. Popped it on and the appropriate tune came on, Alone Again by Dokken. Yes, I am pretty much getting used to that tune, ha ha.

Celebrating Mother's Day at Balesteri's on Bluemound. A nice way to end a perfect day with Mom.

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velogrrl said...

I absolutely love those trails! it's one of my favorite places to ride, even though I only get there once a year, for the event.