Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Life is short

Tonight I played in my garden and ate fresh vegetables for dinner. I tried to catch up on blog reading and enjoyed the fact that everyone is healthy and happy and having fun now that the weather is warm and the race season has started.

One of my closest friends sister was told that she has breast cancer and is having a bilateral mastectomy this Saturday, she is 44. She is a strong women and I pray she makes it through this.

I just remembered my dad has been gone now for almost 11 years now, May 7th 1997. This was his favorite time of the year. He also looked forward to getting ready to coach little league baseball, it was one of his passions. I really miss talking to him and his advice.

Life is short and we can't forget the people that make our life special, it is really important.


old 'n slow said...

It's friend and acquaintances like you that give life that extra spice - that extra zip. Prayers go out for your friend's sister.

John & Lynne

Christopher said...

I'll definitely pray for your friend's sister. My mother had an aggressive case of breast cancer a little more than five years ago, and she has been cancer-free since. Prayers, positive thoughts and modern medicine all played a part. Sounds like your friend's sis has all of those working for her already! I'm sure on some level you and your dad still have a connection. He's probably happy to know you're enjoying the spring, sinking your hands into your garden and enjoying the outdoors on two wheels. You’re right, life is short. All you can do is live consciously and appreciate (which reminds me, I should get back to appreciating the articles I have to write, my carpeted cubical/cage walls, the glare of the fluorescent lights and my headache from the buzz of my computer monitor…this is my reality eight hours/day). Life is short.