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WORS Subaru CUP 09

all pictures now up loaded

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Super Fly photo contest winner

Praying for a win

Getting some shade

The weekend for the Subaru Cup at Mt Morris turned out again to be another hot day in the sun. Finding a bit of shade was like heaven while waiting for events on Sunday. Thanks to MTB GIRL for this nice photo of all the peeps chillin out before the short track race on Sunday afternoon.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Subaru Cup 09

some photos here

Friday, June 19, 2009

Recap Subaru Cup 08

Photos here

Thursday, June 18, 2009

sunset 6-17-09

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Take a look at this beautiful mess. I decided to get my sofas cleaned back in May and it has now turned into a disaster. The buttons on the sofa somehow got stained during the cleaning and the company has been out 4 times now to try to rectify this. Each time it gets worse and now the brown shit is bleeding into the sofa backing. Top that off with chemical streaking from multiple washings. The company wants to work with me to rectify this but I don't like what they are offering. They know an upholster who can come out and change the material on the buttons, but the catch is they want me to find the material. WTF??? Then after that is fixed, they will try to get out the brown bleeding stain but say nothing about the chemical streaking they imposed after multiple washings. My other option is to take the money. They tell me my sofa's are 8 years old and only worth 250.00- 300.00 and they would reimburse me to fix it myself. WTF?? I would of not even considered getting them cleaned if I knew that if they wrecked my sofas and they were over a year old they are not responsible for damages. I told them I want the sofa's completely reupholstered or buy me two new sofas. What a F****** saga. We will see where this goes.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

WEMS at John Muir

Just what the doctor ordered. Fun times with great friends at John Muir Trail for the WEMS race. I started with the guys and I think thats what kept me in line. $50.00 and lots of swag, not bad for a nice Saturday afternoon.

Amy and her neighbors from Chicago. Brittany Barran-Stanley (one fast chick) in the emerald green jersey is the girl who snuck up on me going into the third lap asking If I wanted company. All I was thinking is that I had to pee really bad and wanted to go to the bathroom. As we cruised through the prologue area, I stopped to grab a bottle in the cooler and she was off. I thought to myself at that moment, I better go catch her. Instead of stopping to pee I was stomping on the pedals and she was no where to be found. Just as I was coming into the final sections of the single track just off the connector trails, there she was and I was gaining on her quickly. Just when we hit my favorite spot of suffering, Rebecca said to me, "that was a fast pee" I just smiled and told her I held it. I passed her on the climb and as I crested the corner she had gone down on the root I believe. I put on the gas with her in hot pursuit just a minute away. Gosh that was alot of fun.

Timing peeps

Matt Silvin and Kevin Klug 6 hour Duo Champs


Nathan 3 hour champ

Zac and Ty 6 hour Duo 2nd place champs just by a hair of Carlos and Sonia.

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Crystal Lake Race Report

Course elevation is pretty bizarre eh?

photo by BUBBA
I did no go fast enough. Funny thing...this guy sucked my wheel so I can't be that slow :-) Thanks for all the cheers, pictures and nice words of encouragement. It makes racing all that more fun.
At least other things for me come naturally, like taking photos.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Smokin Spoke Photos

Smokin Spoke photos, WORS #2 Race in Rhinelander Wisconsin.

Smokin Spokes

The lead Elite Women for 2009, ( Abby, not shown here, too fast for photo)

more pics to come...