Wednesday, June 28, 2006


The weather was perfect last night and I was lucky to get out of work on time and get in a ride before the rain hit.

Monday, June 26, 2006


Saturday morning Sonia and I decided to hit the River trails for some good practice on technical terrain. The trails are in pretty good condition aside from a few muddy spots next to the river. I have to say it kinda creeps me out to ride down there at times with all that funky graffitist stuff, it's almost like riding at an amusement park. I recall reading stuff like, "little snitches will get stiches," or "f**k the rich and burn those condo's," not to welcoming but what can you expect for an urban ride. We had a pretty good start and promised to work on everything that was near impossible. I think we did better than we had thought and almost got away unscathed, unfortunately near the end I was tearing it up on the wide open double track in the park and there was this measly tree down on the trail and I thought I could ride through the branches and...thrown from my bike and ready to puke, I only walked away with a scratch on the forearm and more confidence in my pocket for next time.

Saturday night just hangin out at home kickin back after Ty's great grilled chops and a good glass of Sauvignon Blanc, Greg rolled in the door to hang and have some of our stock of Lake Front Brewery. Greg said he just got a call from the Ganja that Doug Baily has been lifted from flight for life to Froedtert Hospital after a bad crash on his road bike near the Kettles. Greg did not know much of the details at this point but it did not sound good. We finally got in touch with the Ganja and they say they are not sure if he was hit by car or crashed on his own. He luckily was found by some woman who called 911. I stopped by Doug this morning given that I work in this place to see how he is doing. I have to say he looks worse than his injuries and thank GOD he is alright. Our thoughts and support go out to him and his family. I thought twice before I went out on my long ride yesterday morning by myself. I actually took a piece of paper and wrote down my name, address, blood type, allergies, Ty's cell number and my insurance. You never know what could happen...

Only 32 days until little Peanut arrives. Yesterday was the family baby shower for Ulla and Tony which was a great way to end the weekend. I think Tony was more excited about the gifts than Ulla, especially the baby butt paste. I think he was considering on using it for himself.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Top 10 things one loves about Spring Training 2006 with the Alterra Team.

10. No more Crank Daddy’s!

9. Greg getting upset about who shows up late for the Thursday night rides at Alterra on Prospect.

8. Promises that the group rides are easy pace and ten minutes into the ride it becomes hammer fest secondary to high levels of testosterone within the group.

7. Being picked on by fellow team members for not sucking it up.

6. Riding with the Team at Kettle Moraine Trails and running into all your other WORS buddies.

5. Laundering cycling clothes as if it was my full time job.

4. Alterra parties compromised of well conditioned mountain bikers that win medals for their endurance drinking and...Extravagant MTB fish Stories.

3. Getting hooked on the latest ideas to enhance race performance.

2. All the new Alterra team members that make it more fun to ride!

1. Trip to Sedona for mountain biking heaven