Friday, October 31, 2008

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Green Circle Ride

Last Saturday while Ty was at the WORS Race Directors meeting I decide to ride the Green Circle around Stevens Point. This was very convenient, located just off Century World parking lot. I was amazed at the beauty and how the trails were well marked. I think it is about 24 or so miles round trip.

I stumbled across what looked like an old Cemetery of Gas pumps. I can recall when I was a very young kid, my dad pumping gas what looks similar to these. I think gas prices back then were .35 a gallon. Funny how times have changed and soon gas will become obsolete and we will scramble for alternative solutions for transportation. I am glad I can ride a bike and not have to fight for a seat on the bus in the near future.

Monday, October 27, 2008

WORS 2008 Awards Banquet

Team Alterra 1st Place Mid Sized Team in Division Points and 1st Place Team Participation Points!

Ty and I sat alone at the Alterra table this year. Brandon and Greg were the only other two who showed but sat with their parents instead.

Master of Ceremony Don Edberg

Party Table

near full house and may I mention the food was delicious!
Who said you can't have fun after 21!

All night I sat and waited for someone to call my number. I thought for sure I would at least get a bag of Clif Bars. They were down to the very end and I sat there thinking, well Clif bars would not be too bad :-) Then, holy shit they called 513 and I got this sweet Carbon GT Hard tail frame two sizes too big.

Awards Banquet pics here

Monday, October 20, 2008

Beechwood Blaster Champion 2008

Beechwood 2008

Beechwood Blaster

The funnest mountain bike race of the year by far!
Thanks Russell for keeping motivated on laps one and two and Earl on lap three. If it was not for you guys I would of DNF'ed. The course was fun but the most techincal of them all. Tons of climbing, off camber, rock gardens, log bridges, rock walls, 45 degree burms, fast down hill grassy switch backs, more climbing, more climbing and a beer stop with each lap, Grrrrrrrrrr!

Brittany and Amy pulled a fast one! I forgot to get a pic of Brittany with all her swag.

Top three men for 4 laps, Bender taking it!
Pictures here
and more here

Friday, October 17, 2008

Get off the couch

Starting up some night rides on the Tosa Trails. Meeting place, Tosa Bridge on the corner of State and Menomonee. Usual start time 6:00PM Check the Alterra Web Site for Ride Posting at

This is the location, Tosa bridge looking east.

We hit the Harley trails and they were in great condition. The trails now covered with leaves with hard packed dirt underneath make for a plush ride.

I managed to get Christopher and Stafford off the couch to join us and I think they are hooked. We got in some nice riding along the river including the famous Bubba Trails after getting off track for a bit. A lot of fun and I hope more peeps join in for the ride in the coming weeks.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Last WORS race report of the season

Picture perfect Autumn sky with a warm Indian summer breeze to start the final WORS 2008 race at Sheboygan. Thanks to the FATKATS for nothing short of a spectacular venue for racing and spectating. This is one of those great courses where no matter where you care to watch there is plenty of excitement. You have the start finish shoot, the famous equalizer that draws a few hundred peeps to watch the smoking guy hand out cash to those who make it to the top without falling backwards, the creek crossing into the slick muddy rut as you ascend to the leg burning climbs or the hair raising pucker factor or the fast slick rock with descending stairs as close to the taste of Moab one can get in the Mid West, and last but not least the steep rooty downhill with the 2 foot jump at the bottom. A great mountain bike course with a taste of everything.

photo by Rusty We were off and cresting to the real hole shot just around the corner and all engines were go. I some how slithered into the single track just behind Regina and a few. With in moments of the chase now in the single track, the course got tighter and I made a pass out front. Hearing myself breathing like a silly fool I pedaled feverishly. I can't remember much when anaerobic but I know I crossed paths with Claire on the way up the greasy roots after the bridge asking WTF happened? She was standing on the side. I kept going and soon after I think Lisa Krayer passed and kicked up the dirt as she took off. I was not sure where anyone was, I just kept suffering. The front took off and by now gained time and were no where to be seen. The first lap is always so fun and I just love the feeling of wanting to quit :-) I hit the equalizer only to find me and a cluster of others that wanted to get up the hill, most of them walking, so I un clip 3/4 way up and suffer the run. Pass the Alterra tent, no water girl in sight so I got my own self serve and off I went. Going into lap two I hit a record time and was pleased. Some where on lap two Patti came along and we were back and forth form most of lap two, three and four and it was fun. I am glad I am not the only one who gets ripped off in shity areas of the single track that should be off limits for a pass. Some guy(s) actually tried passing her on the edgy off camber section before stairway to heaven right before the camels hump. That was really, STUPID. By the way...who was the crazy blonde wigged on the SS? Looks like he cut off a dozen or few during her race too :-)

Chasing the Red Baron

and more chasing...
Photos by Amy D Not knowing that Renee was close behind. Some where on the final lap, I swear Renee came out of the woods cross the lap finish area going into the 4th lap passing me like she was doping. I mean, she went past me like I was standing still or she just started racing. Nice finish by the way! Not too far behind her was fellow teammate Regina smoking up a storm and closing the gap on quite a few of us, nice work. I am sure I am next on your list :-)
Going into the back half of the course under the bridge just before descending into the front single track, I see out of the corner of my right eye Andrea smoking on past towards the lap /finish area and I said, HOLY SHIT! Then I think I saw Lori and that was a double shitter, DAM those fast girls, SLOW down please!
I hit the finish line not to far behind the Red Baron, I finished the course with the rubber side down, despite some knuckle heads who wanted to get in my way. I checked the score board just before heading out to chase down to Mikes wedding by 6 o'clock, only to see April some how, some where scathed a spot three minutes ahead of Patti and I to a great second place age group finish. Glad to see her back in the game and no more back issues. I think she needs to stop hanging out with Melcher so much :-)
Great racing by all ! I will miss it and it's sad to see the end of the season is finally here. Thanks Mike and Christopher for running water bottles for me! Thanks to the Goat, Amy D, Julie, Jeff Fringes, and Rusty for all the sweet photos of everyone at the race. Most importantly is all the cheers from friends and spectators which make the event all that more exciting.
Next up, ICEMAN

Sheboygan Sport Men Start

Sheboygan Sport Men Start

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sheboygan Race 08

Womens Sport Start

Sheboygan Racer Perks

Free Beer for those who make the Equalizer Climb.

Great season and lots of fun this year! I am glad I made the move up and I look forward to 2009 Season.

Race report to come at some point when I get a chance. I have video of the Sport Starts to post :-)
Picture courtesy of Jeff Fringes

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Joy Ride

Last night was Mike and Chimene's last hoo rah rah before the big day. Tony rented this monster for the party, fully loaded with a keg of Lake Front Beer and LL Cool Jay for the driver. I snuck out just before the party got started. I am sure there are stories to be shared.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Batteries died

I feel like someone took the batteries out of me and I am slowly dying this past week. It started last weekend when I barely had the energy on Sunday to ride but I did anyway. Then Monday I promised my friend to take her to a power flex class after work which was not too bad until my hamstrings were sore on Tuesday. Tuesday’s rain was a relief and I skipped a ride. Wednesday I was still a bit sore but decide to drag myself to Cross practice since I knew the Angie and Regina would be there. Well for some reason my right groin was still sore from my first practice last week. After one lap on the course mounting and dismounting I was in agony. I finally settled for just riding a lap or two without jumping barriers. When I got into the car to drive, I could barely lift my leg to put on the gas pedal without pain in my leg. Thursday night the weather was just awesome and I could not refuse a ride by the lake. I got on my bike and about 30 minutes later I found myself turning around and heading home. I just hated this feeling, no power, irritated with traffic, bike seat felt uncomfortable, pedals seemed crooked. Every little thing was just irritating. God I hope this passes. I could not wait to get home and curl up on the sofa. The weekend looks like great weather for racing and Mikes wedding J I hope I can make it !

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Sheboygan Racer Perks

pic taken in 2005

Cheerleaders while you cross the finish line.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Weekend wrap up

I hung out with my best freind all weekend and it was a blast. We started out on Friday night with dinner at Lake Park Bistro.
A ride on the Sheboygan trails Saturday was just perfect

I tried to keep the rubber side down.

Wonderful Colleen, demonstrating the creek crossing

Ty demonstrating the killer Equalizer Climb

I heard from the Smoking guy that Tilford might show up at the start on Sunday. Overall I give the course an A+. I look forward to racing this Sunday.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Cross Practice

Yesterday evening after work I headed to Estabrook Park on the East side of town for my first cross practice. I e-mailed Angie and Regina ahead of time to see if anyone else was going. Angela stated she would be there around 5:30ish. I pulled in the parking lot to see practice was in full swing. Luckily Angela let Russell know I was coming since I would need extra special education on this stuff. I think Russell was suckered into this last minute :-) He started off with the basics of proper dismounting and mounting on the bike. This went quite smoothly and I think I caught on quickly. Russell then went on to show me the proper way of holding my bike after dismounting, running and hill climbs. I even got a full inspection of my bike and was told the water bottle cage has to go, UGH!, and I need some thingy to prevent my front chain from slipping. After my lesson we headed off for a lap and I never realized how fricken fast this type of riding is. I did OK on the first lap until I decided Angie should get a picture of me showing off my new skills. Thanks again guys for being there for my first cross experience. Thank you Russell for the awesome one on one instruction and the low down of the cross scene! I now feel ready to have some fun.