Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Do you know what your kids are doing? I often see children doing crazy dangerous things on my rides. Here we have a bridge made of sticks and branches over this creek. The girl in the pick is trying to balance while her two other friends watch. I hope she knows how to swim. Later on I saw four kids sitting on the train tracks in Tosa just hanging out. Just to let you know, trains roll through here at least every few hours all day long. Then to top it off, there were two other kids under a highway bridge, sticking there head up in a hole under this bridge where traffic is riding over there heads less than 5 feet. STUPID


MTB Girl said...

This is why I have a puppy. She is in her crate right now. :-)

Jay said...

I call this natural selection.

Russell said...

Unfortunately natural selection isn't quite what it used to be.