Saturday, March 04, 2006


Well since I have been reading my fellow team members blogs for the last few weeks I have found it very entertaining and I decided to join this male dominated frenzy. After pondering, I thought what the heck, I can be just as amuzing as the the other dudes. So here is the first dudette blog for the Alterra team and I hope my other counterparts will join in on the fun.

Nothing better than the thought of spring just around the corner which gets me pumped and out of this winter depression. Today I decided to can the thought of riding at Crank Daddy's with the gang and hang with the boys for a chillin road ride down by the lake front. Thank God I did not drink too much wine last night at the two birthday parties (Sanjay's 30th) & ( Erich's 40th) I attended or I would be toast for todays ride. One thing I have to say is that it takes longer to get ready for cold weather riding then it is to ride your dam bike. Lucky I have my toe warmers that last for up to five hours and they are the best! Sure felt good in 30 degrees and the best part is looking forward to yummy Alterra Coffee and a sweet treat after a long cold ride.