Monday, May 05, 2008


photo courtesy of RUSTY

A short race report:

First lap hurt bad and I wanted to quit, asking myself why I moved up to Expert and I was kidding myself. Only to be confirmed by some funny guy on the course who knows me and told me I could go faster, HA HA.

Second lap just as much pain but at least not as thirsty. I think I caught MTB Girl going into the bowl, not sure. The crowds of friends and spectators were great! The cheering helps so much for your motivation.

The third lap was going good but for some reason I was a minute or two short on my lap time. It was fun to ride my bike only to know I could not go any harder or faster for some dam reason. All I could hear for the darn race was my heavy breathing which sounded like a broken record. The COMP, EXPERT and ELITE men were so nice when passing, calling out ahead of time, I thought I was racing in Heaven.

Fourth lap a breeze and I was feeling good until I saw MTB Girl sneak up some where in the mid of the front half of the single track. I wanted to chit chat and but instead I hunkered down, got focused. I know she is good in the single track and even better at climbing then me, YIKES! I knew if I made any mistakes I was doomed. I am not too sure what happened but it was enough motivation for me to the finish line.

I am happy with my time since I knew going into the race what I was going to be able to accomplish and I did. Funny thing is, Brittany told me the same thing on the pre-ride that her goal was consistent lap times too. This must be something they tell us beginners so that we don't feel so bad after the race, tee hee hee:)

Thanks Sonia, Stephanie and Cindy and Michelle for the hand-ups and cheers it was greatly appreciated.


MTB Girl said...

Awesome job!! I don't know how in the WORLD you had any breath to talk to me. . . .I think I was seeing stars!

Sarah Lukas said...

Game. Set. Match. Sounds like you rocked it out there! Congrats to you as well!

It's nice to complete the accomplishments that you set out for.

Girl Goes Biking and Vegan! said...

great job vat your first expert race! Can;t wait to see you racing at Treadfest!

amelia said...

great job christine! congrats on a great start to your first season in expert!