Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Night Owl

Let's say, I think after forty some years it is difficult to change one's personality and/or habits. I just have to accept the fact that I am a night owl. I got home late last night from work and was steaming to ride. I was looking forward to a good work out and couldn't wait to listen to some jamming music. After my ride I felt relaxed and had realized I could jeopardize my fitness if I change up the routine and start riding in the morning. I know there will be some days this summer that I will ride early in the morning and that will be something I will look forward too instead of dreading. I think it would be different if I was in college again and had that whole regimented lifestyle going on but that's not the case. I seem to work better and stay focused when I get in enough sleep and also enjoy other things like staying up late at night surfing, blogging, reading and watching comedy before I retire for the evening, that's just me.


claire said...

I worked with a lady who did sleep research for a while. She explained that most of us don't run on an exact 24-h clock - there's a range. I'm definitely over on the far end of the "night owl" side, too. Runs in my family. Like, maybe 28 hour days would be perfect.

At least we'll always be there to let people know how the movie ends. ^_^

velogrrl said...

let's hear it for night owls!

I am always amazed that people can get up super early to work out....