Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy returns

Nothing like coming home from work to find presents from UPS. I had swore I would never buy a pair of UGGs until now. I saw these boots at Macys over Christmas but they ran out of my size. I ordered them online and ended up with the wrong European size. So back they went and now, finally, I have the right size and I can't wait to wear these with my favorite jeans. They are super comfy and oh, so warm. Those Aussies know how to make stuff.

I got this nice Garmin 305 for Christmas from Ty but it was the wrong one, I wanted the wireless. So off it went back and we were hoping desperately that they had the Edge 705. Thankfully it arrived!

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velogrrl said...

I had never bought Uggs before, either, but finally broke down and got some yesterday! A local store was selling them with free sales tax. I think I like yours better! My size is hard to find so I didn't have alot of choice of styles.

You will like the Edge 705. (Although sometimes I forget to recharge it, which is frustrating)