Friday, July 25, 2008

Tweaking the Alterra course

Ty is happy to be finished with trail work for the evening and looking forward to some final clean up today. He appreciates everyone's input and will be working hard all day today on the Crystal Ridge Trails. If you have nothing to do today, stop by and lend him a hand or try to persuade him on the lay out of the Sport Course.

Ty will not have the switch back descent in any of the races. The reason is that come pre-ride we can't have two groups going both ways on the switch backs. As far as the Sport race, he is still undecided about having them go up the switch back climb due to passing issues. He will be out on the course all day today working on improving some sections of the course.
Everyone who was out riding the course had nothing but great comments last night. So get ready to race and have fun and make sure your brakes are in good working condition! Pretty soon before you know it we will be knee deep in snow.


sugs said...

Passing issues...why is Sport different than Comp/Elite? OK, I know there are more riders and that the skill level is quite broad in Sport but there's wide open passing right before and right after the switchbacks...what more do you need?

MTB Vegan said...

don't talk about snow...thats such a dirty word!!!!