Monday, July 14, 2008

Birthday Party was a hit!

Ty's cousin Troy made the beautiful chocolate cake.

Saturday's July Birthday celebration was a hit! Forty plus friends and family gathered for the festivities. I think the kids had a great time and I love to see their eyes light up when you mention we are going to sing Happy Birthday. We catered Mexican food from El Ray's and it was delicious. We ordered steak and chicken fajitas, rice , frijoles, guacamole, pico de gallo and plenty of tortillas. No one walked away hungry and we had plenty left over for seconds and thirds.
Sunday morning I texted a bunch of peeps to see if anyone wanted to ride the Kettles the weather was perfect and the trails were open after the rain we had earlier in the week. Holly was the only one to respond, I guess everyone was busy or could not make it last minute. We got out on the trails by noon and pretty much had the trails to our self until we hit the connector where we chased and played tag with a few boys.
Monday back to work after a nice long week of vacation. It feels good to be back to the swing of things and on a schedule. Somehow I am more productive when I am busy compared to having too much free time.
Next in the plans, maybe WEMS this weekend. Also looking at where we are going to stay in River Falls for the August 24th WORS race.


spicyride said...

Kettle unfortunately is too far for me last minute. Glad you guys were able to make it! it was a great day for the mtb.

MTB Girl said...

I feel much more productive when I have LESS to do. I had to work Sunday too. Bummer. Glad you had fun!

velogrrl said...

I was a course marshall at a time trial so I couldn't make it either, but thanks!!