Monday, July 07, 2008

Firecracker 2008

Friday morning July 4th headed North a couple hundred miles to Chippewa Falls Wisconsin for the WORS Firecracker Race.

Sometimes, MOTEL is better than Hotel or busting ass to camp. Drove right up to the door, unload and relax.

Saturday met up with Greg, Tim, Michelle for the pre-ride. We were all basically on our own as far as riding, which is sometimes better that way.

On Friday afternoon, I took a few pics of the single track with my phone and sent them to a few friends. I was having so much fun I wanted to share it with everyone!

They really did a nice job banking or what ever you call it to the trails which made for smooth transitions in and out of corners.

Fast and flowy down hill sections which make you feel like a kid again.

The smells of summer only come around once a year.

Flat and fast naughty pines, tested your ability to avoid the tree stumps!

Friday night dinner at Texas Road House with Michelle and Tim Scanley.

Ty and I picked up a few vagabonds on our way.
Regina Livingston looking fast while sporting her new team kit at the race.

A few moments of contemplation just before the Elite race. Making you wonder if you need to change those tires.

Top 5 fast women!

Top 16 elite men. Did I count that right?

Kudo's to Rachael Gatto for perseverance and the love of MTB racing. With an attitude like that, you GATTO watch out for Rachael!
some Sport Start Pics here
misc & elite awards here


MTB Girl said...

Nice job out there! Nice pics too. I miss being at the awards. Bill and I always get stuck packing the camper ourselves, and I always miss the awards now. I guess it's ok. . . .it's not like I'm on the podium. . . .but it's nice to at least see everyone else. Oh well!

amelia said...

hahahaha. nice pun on rachael's name. god that's horrible but awesome.

but seriously, great race christine. see you on your home turf!

Sarah Lukas said...

nice job this past weekend. it's been a fun season, and I hope you have been enjoying it!

We will see you soon

spicyride said...

nice race christine. you were right there i just couldn't close the gap.