Thursday, July 24, 2008

Alterra course updates

I have received numerous e-mails in regards to this weekends race so I will try to answer some of your questions regarding how this weekends race will be routed. This is preliminary and may be subject to change for the Sport course. Team Alterra will be out riding the course tonight to check out flow of the course and tweak a few things out. Last minute changes were made, and late yesterday evening, Ty was told that he can not run any racers down the golf course. So, Ty was up very late last night cutting a new trail to get down the hill, UGH!

They will do the same as last years course with the exception of the switchback descent and take the new path downhill.

Probably same as last years course but no switchback descent. Not sure if Sport will ride switch back climb or do craters. Some input from Sport riders would be appreciated. Some think that riding up the switch back corners are tough and could cause a bottleneck.

Sufferoramma, from the bottom of the switchback all the way to the top of Crystal Ridge Ski Hill where the shed is in place:)

Again, subject to change. Alpha Trails will not be used.

Ty plans on having the course pretty much marked by the end of Friday. You are welcome to ride the course which is partially marked at this time. Please respect those working on the trails and stay out of areas or sections that are muddy. Remember to wash your bike at home after riding Crystal Ridge to remove non-native invasive plant species garlic mustard and buckthorn and to prevent further spreading.

Thanks for your cooperation!


-jj said...

"Remember to wash your bike at home after riding Crystal Ridge to remove non-native invasive plant species garlic mustard and buckthorn and to prevent further spreading."

But it's ok to put it on your bike rack and let the species blow down the road as you drive home?? Bring jugs of water to rinse the bike off after the race.

velogrrl said...

Thanks Christine! And thanks to Ty!

I didn't know about the invasive species thing, that's good to know.

What is the new cit descent like? (once you have had a chance to see it, of course). Switchbacks or straight down?

See you Sunday!

suedionne said...

Sounds like you all have been working hard to get ready for your big race. I will be in town for a wedding shower but won't make it to watch the race:( Looks like the weather will be nice, so here is wishing you all a great racing day:)

Jay said...

I think that riding the switch back up in the sport will bottle neck big time as there is alot of racers and no where to pass. It would frustrate many racers as it did years ago and that is why it changed over the years. I remember doing time trials and riding up and being behind and in front racers and it was real hard. No where to go and it does make it hard to race and changes alot of things that shouldn't effect it that much in the short amount of time. I wouldn't ride up it with a couple 100 racers. Just my 2 cents.

Coffee King (CK) said...

Ty & Christine,
Road what I think the course is currently supposed to be for Expert/Comp and have to say I really liked it! Very difficult with the climb up the ski hill really working you over all the way to the top. The descent wasn't a problem, even the fresh cut by the golf range. Only improvement suggestion = try to widen a few areas if possible to allow for passing when things get congested. Otherwise, very well done!!

sugs said...

Jay may be right about slower riders on the switchbacks but I still feel that the switchbacks should be climbed by the Sport riders. Craters is a good climb especially with the addition of the mudslide section but the switchbacks is a better course for Sport.