Friday, July 11, 2008

Dear John Letter

Yup, that's about it. NO Chequamegon Fat Tire Race for me this year. I just got the letter posted for July 15th stating:


Thank you for your submission to the "50 Ways to Ride the Chequamegon" essay contest.

The nearly 200 contest submissions were scored on a diverse list of items weighted to give everyone for what ever reason an equal chance at being chosen as a winner. based on the results of the scoring, your submission was not selected as one of the contest winners.

As always the contest submissions were plentiful and the competition keen for the fifty reserved spots that were awarded. All of the submissions were very good reading or listening or watching depending on the format of your submission. Thanks for your participation. It was rewarding to read the many creative, humorous and passionate reasons why people want to ride in the Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival.

We invite you to consider participating in this year's Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival as a spectator (ha ha), volunteer (double ha ha), or support crew ( to dig the nail harder) for others who entered. Thank you for understanding the reasons for our limited registration and for not riding the event as an unregistered participant.

I guess I did not suck it up enough. Well I just saved myself a few hundred bucks anyway to stimulate the economy up Nordt there.

PLAN B: Maybe 24/9 looks good after all.


spicyride said...

bummer. there's more singletrack at 24/9 anyway.

Roger said...

I haven't gotten in, in the last 2 years and this year was no exception. I think there are two sure ways to get into the race. Write Team Captain on the envelope and entry form or kick ass in the Elite series to get a preferred entry spot.

Rasmussen Bike Shop said...

Write another essay!!!


Anonymous said...

I got the same F*** letter, bastards!! All of em !!


Carlos said...

Ha, raced last year not cuz I got in or registered like everybody. I did it cuz I won a entry on a lotery at 12 hours of muir :0.
That's why, last year I finished good, but this year I didn't even botter to register. I got in for the iceman this year, but forgot the pay.
Anyways, I got too much stuff going on this year, gotta save some money, you know. :)
Now, get you butt out for a nice ride. :)
Have a nice weekend.

D A N O said...

I got in my first two years, then have been denied the following 3.
I quit trying.