Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A jammed packed weekend

Starting off with our five year wedding anniversary, celebrating at Lake Park Bistro.

Off to Blu at the top of the Pfister Hotel downtown Milwaukee where we celebrated five years ago. I remember they have huge bowls of cashews for bar snacks and our wedding party devoured them.

A beautiful view of Milwaukee facing east towards lake Michigan

View facing South East

of course drinks and water for the designated driver

We happened to run into my good friends who were in our wedding and it was a very pleasant surprise and added a lot of fun to our evening.

The neighbors next door had there first child get married on Saturday and it was a BIG EVENT!

A perfect sunset on Saturday evening

Sunday ride at the Kettles with the girls, Regina, Holly and Lindsay and then off to the Klugs. Celebrating Kevin's Birthday and filling our bellies with yummy grilled brats, beers and tons of laughter.

Oh and one more thing...

Alterra welcomes new team member


Girl Goes Biking and Vegan! said...

Boy, I look really cold in that picture, Oh wait, I was really cold!

It was fun riding with everyone, I'm amazed I kept up for the first part of the Blue loop, my legs were toast but it was fun. You guys rock!

Carlos said...

who are the other hot girls on the alterra kits? :-)

spicyride said...

tag! you're it. check my blog.