Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Getting the job done Alterra Style

Working late every day to get the job done for all you WORS peeps so you can all have fun this Sunday July 27th at Crystal Ridge for the fantastic Alterra Coffee Bean Classic Race!
Only Crystal Ridge can put out such fantastic sunsets that are on top of this world

Hard Hats required to pave the way to an exciting adventure of racing to come...

just a glimpse...

for those who dare to challenge their skills

Top notch design and architecture went into every detail

Dry, fast, tight single track guaranteed to wet your whistle
All just for you!
stay tuned for more!
A sneak peak here


velogrrl said...

Thanks to you, your team, and your volunteers for your hard work getting the trails ready for the race!!

vegan said...

I trekked up for the race tonight. The trails seemed, mostly, in pretty good shape. We all appreciate all the work you guys have done. I'm still not sure how you guys plan on routing people up to the top of the ski hill though without having a criss-cross.