Monday, April 07, 2008

Race hangover

The start of the women's expert cross country race was about 8:20 AM. I got a call up, which surprised me since I was last in my age group for the Super D. We started off in age groups, which was OK I guess. They marked our right calf with the age category so other riders would know who you are, all nine of us. The youngest riders went out first and so forth. It was nice to see more women in my age group then the usual two or three which made the race more competitive. I'll tell you the start is nothing like a Wisconsin WORS start. First, the guy who says go, just says it, "go" rather quietly. The start was on a slight incline up to the single track. I wheezeled my way in about fifth place to the hole shot and it hurt there after. I did not pre-ride the course so I had nothing to expect but try to chase. The first section was rolling hills that more or less kept rolling up which started to separate us. Too bad a few of my other racing buddies were not here they would of liked this start. There were some really fun and fast rocky technical sections and descents that were a total blast. The course was really fun but very hot and dry. My gel tasted like crap and I remember quickly what works for me and what doesn't.

This was coming into the second lap and my right lower back above my iliac crest was starting to numb up most likely from all the jarring on the back half of the course which was about 3 miles or so of the stuff. I knew I would have to get off the bike and open up my rear shock and adjust it. It was way too stiff and I completely forgot to adjust it, stupid me. I had these same issues before in Rhinelander last year when I blew out the brain. So after I dug as long as I could I pulled off to the side to stretch my back since I felt like crying and I opened it up. I got back on and continued, by now I was way behind, like I have never raced before. It was too late the damage was done, my back continued to cripple me as if I had shots of Novocaine that were painful. I pulled off again a few time in the back section of the rocks ready to DNF. Now I was nauseated and felt like throwing up. It was hot, my back was not getting any better but I jumped on and endured the pain grabbing and pulling on my lower side to alleviate some of the numbness. I was starting to get pissed off and finished the race. Some of the semi-pro men were coming by and that motivated me through enough sections to pedal on. I got off the bike at the finish frustrated. To top it off a girl I dropped a while back got me just as I went into the finish, I did not even care. That's racing! I was done, the first race was in and the race memories are back! How easily you forget when your so excited to race and I am not going to beat myself up about it or the shitty time I ended up with for the cross country race. I did well at the time trial/super D and I am proud of that. Both races were combined and I ended up in 4th place over all for my age, for the weekends events, which put a smile on my face. I miss all my WORS racing buddies and wish they were here, it's not the same.

Tom Bender had a great weekend as well as your truly the Chrome Dome. This is the start of his cross country race on Sunday. I'll let the rest of these guys tell thier own stories, they all raced well this weekend!

Chloe chasing

Pro Mens Start




TJ and Chloe

At the end of the Pro race we were hanging out talking to the champs and this guy appears with a tag around his neck. At first I thought it read USDA and I was like a "meat inspector?" Well he was a USADA and he was there to test one of our buddies. Man, they just got off the course. He stood there until they were ready. I guess they have an hour to perform their duties. NICE.
Three days of racing , two for me makes for a tired Rine. Today I woke up feeling hungover like and tired, what a great feeling!
More pics of short track soon.


Carlos said...

Nice, sounds like you had fun. So who had to do the test?
I'm guessing Ty since he looks kind fresh and nervous cuz the guy is behind him :-)

Amy D. said...

congrats on toughing it out and finishing!!

don't you hate it when, in spite of the fitness you have been building, your back messes up your entire race? grrrr. it's so frustrating.

nice job in the overall. looks like it was lots of fun to be there.

amelia said...

wow, great job christine! way to represent wisco! other than the back issues it sounds like it was a ton of fun. you should be proud of the fact that you're already in racing form unlike some people (myself).

spicyride said...

nice christine. way to get the season started. bummer about your back. its funny you mention the iliac, that's the problem i've been having. racing a wors course may seem easy after that race.

John said...

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