Friday, April 18, 2008

Red Dirt Ride

Our second day in Sedona after settling in and catching the sunset was spent riding the trails. Our hotel was nicely located to Bell's Rock an all to familiar trail head that leads to many adventures. We rode from home base to the top of Bell's Rock which was a nice two or so mile steady low grade climb to get you warmed up. We stumbled onto the newly constructed bridge and tunnel which must of been completed this last year because it was still under construction when we were here, last year according to Ty. So we rode our bikes through the tunnel and I now remember this very clearly. At the end of the tunnel there is a huge boulder about 3 feet off the ground and I hit the dirt smack down last time I tried to ride it, and nearly broke my wrist after hitting the front brake as my front tire hit the dirt, NICE. Not this time though!

The route was Bell's rock pass to Templeton trail to the Baldwin trail in Oak Creek area. Then back to Bell's rock Trail head to do two more loops, Court house Butt Loop and Big Park Loop.

Here is the view at the other end of the tunnel, just amazing!

Nice fast single track with quick descents and switch backs

Everywhere your eyes take you you are sure to have a beautiful picture.

360 degrees of beauty at every turn

Here we are on Templeton loop where you ride the rim and the views once again are breath taking.

That's Bell's Rock in the center of the background, pretty cool, huh

Buddha Beach is at the end of Templeton trail. There are many little statues of rocks or Caren's I think that's what they call them along the beach.

Kindling the romance

Nice ledgey single track on the Baldwin Trail

We took the wilderness boundary which was the wrong route. Beautiful tight single track but it was a nature preserve and a $300.00 fine if you get caught on it so we turned around.

Back to Bell's Rock

I took this picture for MTB GIRL to show her that Sedona has trees. This was located along the river bed near Buddha beach.


Rasmussen Bike Shop said...

Just read your NMBS race report, bummer that you had a bad XC race, good that you're in AZ enjoying some awesome riding and weather! Not quite as nice in Iowa!

See you guys soon... not sure when, but I do plan to come up for a couple of WORS races.


MTB Girl said...

I like trees. :-)