Monday, April 28, 2008

Sunday at John Muir

Ty and I headed out to John Muir early on Sunday morning. As the weather warms up we promised each other that weekend rides will start earlier so we can get house stuff done too. Thank goodness we decided to ride here today and not on Saturday. You can tell that the Forrest was hit with tons of wind damage. Trees down every 1/4 mile or so it seemed on the start of the white and red loops. Some you could bunny hop others that you would have to climb and hike a bike over them to get to the other side.
One of many trees we encountered on the ride.

Off to Emma, my favorite loop!

I did not quite clear this and thanks to a tree for saving me from a huge crash. The log was up a bit higher off the ground and I thought I could just roll over it, stupid me.

The beautiful Forrest that I got lost in. Somehow, somewhere in Emma Ty and I separated on the way back and I got lost. There was a section that came to a Y and it was either the red loop or green loop to the right. I headed left to the red loop thinking it was the way back. I ended up doing the red loop twice and not knowing which direction to go. I finally decided to try the green loop and some how that got me back to the connector trails, silly me.

Ham & Cheese

Show'in off the new 29er

Talking bike crap

Trek was out at the trails today with demo bikes for peeps to try.


Carlos said...

Did you check your cranks if it's ok, sometimes you can bend the chainrings with these logs.
A extra red loop, better for you, more training :-)

bmxmtbfam said...

so how do you like the new white climb

Christine said...

sweet! The trails are all looking really great. Thanks to all the hard work out there! Very impressive single track.

-jj said...

Hey was that 29er paid for? :)

Anonymous said...



MTB Girl said...

Didn't you just ride over all those trees? We did. :-)