Monday, September 24, 2007

Tater Bake pics

Finally, after numerous attempts to up load 2GB of pics on to Flickr it is done. I hope some of you guys appreciate it. Never the less, it's good practice for me. I have no time to sort these, don't complain they are free. The Gym, adventure 212 pictures are from the new facility that Chris and Michelle built, it is totally awesome. Check it out at



spicyride said...

thanks for the pics.

rusty wrycza said...

your candid shots are grand
Sheyboygan's got a lot great spots
to shoot - namely; the equalizer hillclimb
thanks for sharing

Coffee King (CK) said...

Thanks Christine for taking the pictures, and the encouragement during the race. Posting this reminded me to get my lights charged up for Thursday PM.