Thursday, September 20, 2007

Group Rides

What's wrong with this picture?

Double Rainbow on our Thursday night ride
near Concordia College.

Yummy Pot Roast Dinner at the Nigh's
After a fun night ride at Glacial Blue Trials last night.
I vote we do this every week!

One thing I like about group rides is the socialization, not that I don't get enough especially after this past weekend. We always have fun no matter what the conditions are, rain, Mosquitos, wind, rainbows, snow, idiot drivers... I think it is all about hanging out with similar people like myself who like to stay fit, have fun and enjoy a bit of what life has to offer, THE GREAT OUTDOORS!


MTB Girl said...

The thing I like about the group rides is you're likely to find someone who's your speed......someone who you can ride with and actually have FUN. Those are the times you actually end up learning a thing or two in the process. :-)

I'm up for a mtb ride at Blue every week. Fun, fun, FUN!

D A N O said...


old 'n slow said...

What's missing? MP's bike of course!

Christine said...

Bike, Uniform...He is afraid to ride with us on Thursday nights cause were too fast for him :-)