Friday, September 28, 2007

Pedal Moraine Night Ride

West Bend Sunset
We had the single track Nazi with us last night
there in the green jacket.

When it is this dark anything can happen and it did, I demonstrated
a perfect 360 degree flip and scored a 10.
Lots of fun last night and perfect weather, not too warm or cold.
Again, dinner at the Nigh's was scrumptious and Matt's chicken salad was delicious too.
You all don't know what your missing.


minigoat said...

Did you run into Man, Bear, Pig? Amy was on another recon, wasn't she.

Christine said...

Oh yes indeed! I was so scared Ihad to clip out!

Sarah Lukas said...

aw I want to ride night laps! Looks super cool out there

MTB Girl said...

Come on down (or should I say UP) Sarah, you can stay with us!