Monday, October 27, 2008

WORS 2008 Awards Banquet

Team Alterra 1st Place Mid Sized Team in Division Points and 1st Place Team Participation Points!

Ty and I sat alone at the Alterra table this year. Brandon and Greg were the only other two who showed but sat with their parents instead.

Master of Ceremony Don Edberg

Party Table

near full house and may I mention the food was delicious!
Who said you can't have fun after 21!

All night I sat and waited for someone to call my number. I thought for sure I would at least get a bag of Clif Bars. They were down to the very end and I sat there thinking, well Clif bars would not be too bad :-) Then, holy shit they called 513 and I got this sweet Carbon GT Hard tail frame two sizes too big.

Awards Banquet pics here


velogrrl said...

Congrats on your award and your frame!

I just tried to send you the pic of you and your frame but my address book isn't working. look on Flickr, it should be up there later.

Carlos said...

Finally you got something at the banquet, the 3 years I've been there, I only had chance to win some specialized sunglases.
What size is your frame?

Christine said...

The frame is large.

Christopher said...

Way to represent Alterra! Glad you won the frame, if no one bites on it, there's always the lovely world of ebay you can count on.