Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Green Circle Ride

Last Saturday while Ty was at the WORS Race Directors meeting I decide to ride the Green Circle around Stevens Point. This was very convenient, located just off Century World parking lot. I was amazed at the beauty and how the trails were well marked. I think it is about 24 or so miles round trip.

I stumbled across what looked like an old Cemetery of Gas pumps. I can recall when I was a very young kid, my dad pumping gas what looks similar to these. I think gas prices back then were .35 a gallon. Funny how times have changed and soon gas will become obsolete and we will scramble for alternative solutions for transportation. I am glad I can ride a bike and not have to fight for a seat on the bus in the near future.

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D A N O said...

I remember back 6 years or so I too rode that trail while at the WORS party.

I remember I got lost with this hot chick and we both rode around Stevens Point all afternoon.

It was a good day.