Friday, October 17, 2008

Get off the couch

Starting up some night rides on the Tosa Trails. Meeting place, Tosa Bridge on the corner of State and Menomonee. Usual start time 6:00PM Check the Alterra Web Site for Ride Posting at

This is the location, Tosa bridge looking east.

We hit the Harley trails and they were in great condition. The trails now covered with leaves with hard packed dirt underneath make for a plush ride.

I managed to get Christopher and Stafford off the couch to join us and I think they are hooked. We got in some nice riding along the river including the famous Bubba Trails after getting off track for a bit. A lot of fun and I hope more peeps join in for the ride in the coming weeks.


Christopher said...

That was an awesome ride last night. Thanks for posting it and for lighting the way...

Greg said...

I need to do one of those, But first I need to get some lights, maybe for christmas.