Friday, October 10, 2008

Batteries died

I feel like someone took the batteries out of me and I am slowly dying this past week. It started last weekend when I barely had the energy on Sunday to ride but I did anyway. Then Monday I promised my friend to take her to a power flex class after work which was not too bad until my hamstrings were sore on Tuesday. Tuesday’s rain was a relief and I skipped a ride. Wednesday I was still a bit sore but decide to drag myself to Cross practice since I knew the Angie and Regina would be there. Well for some reason my right groin was still sore from my first practice last week. After one lap on the course mounting and dismounting I was in agony. I finally settled for just riding a lap or two without jumping barriers. When I got into the car to drive, I could barely lift my leg to put on the gas pedal without pain in my leg. Thursday night the weather was just awesome and I could not refuse a ride by the lake. I got on my bike and about 30 minutes later I found myself turning around and heading home. I just hated this feeling, no power, irritated with traffic, bike seat felt uncomfortable, pedals seemed crooked. Every little thing was just irritating. God I hope this passes. I could not wait to get home and curl up on the sofa. The weekend looks like great weather for racing and Mikes wedding J I hope I can make it !


velogrrl said...

I hate it when stuff like that happens! Last week and this week have been alot like that for me too. I sat out both races last weekend. I hope you are feeling MUCH better by Sunday!!

spicyride said...

hope you feel better! i've felt that way for the past month.

velogrrl said...

oh, yeah, for the leg muscle pain try arnica gel?