Saturday, March 29, 2008

Another Kitchen Gadget

I have had a taste for waffles and decided to get this gadget. Not a high end model but at least it was not made in Japan. Heats up quickly and cleans up in a snap.
Nonstick and the waffles just slide out. This one is not perfect because I did not put in enough batter. You need at least two ladles full of mix to cover the griddle.

The first time I made waffles I used whole wheat flour and Ty did not like the heaviness especially before a ride so I bought this stuff at William Sonoma. Supposedly they make these kind of waffles at Disney World and are tasty. So if kids like um I am sure Ty will too! The ingredients were not too bad, wheat flour, corn flour and the malt powder which is the secret. $10.00 a can a hefty price. By the way while I was in William Sonoma they had some high end waffle makers that priced at $200.00. I could see if you have ten kids and were making them on a daily basis, but come on?

They taste really good and just one filled me up. Tasted restaurant style with a bit of sweetness. So if you have a waffle iron I would suggest you try it.


Christopher said...

Christine, not to give too much information about my domestic side away, but I've been rockin' the waffle iron for the past eight years, since I inherited my parents' old one...I've been using a recipe that's been passed down, but I haven't tried the wheat flour yet. It's a great way to start a long weekend ride. So when are we all meeting at Tyrine’s for a pre-group-ride waffle breakfast??

Christine said...

hey share that recipe and I'll plan the bike ride starting from my house out to Pewaukee lake. In fact that is where I am headed now.

see ya!

Greg said...

My mom was crazy about these waffle makers too. She bought like three then finally made her mind up.

Christopher said...

Sounds good, Christine. I'll e-mail you soon.

spicyride said...

i keep thinking about this waffle maker and waffles ever since reading this post. i had the urge to go buy one last night and then head to the mall for the waffle mix. in fact i see myself doing this like tonight or something.