Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Prescribed Recovery

So what's new? In preparation for our trip to Arizona and the Nova race I have a chance to relax a bit, well not exactly but at least some less intense workouts this week. A few hours off the bike here and there add up to countless free time doing the "other things" I like to do.

Yes I did purchase the perfect push up handles and believe me I was paying the price the other day after my first routine. I pulled a muscle in the middle of my back while showering the day after, and it took a half a bottle of Ibuprofen to cool it down. According to the directions, I completed a test to see how many push ups I can do before exhaustion. I went for the easier 10, thankfully! They have you start a weekly schedule of reps each day with a day or two off in between. So I started on DAY #1, one set of wide and one set of close push ups, 8 reps, 6 reps, 4 reps, 2 reps each, you get the picture. Huh, I can do push ups but was I fooled. The twisting motion, added height off the floor all play a role on different muscle groups including your abs. So far, I give the Perfect Push up an A+. I like the convenience of having this in my home office instead of driving to the gym to squeeze in Power Flex class with work and riding. I do a little blogging, surfing and then get down do ten, repeat. You should try it!

The other half of me also likes to cook and it has been a while since I posted one of my dinners. I have tons of pictures and recipes but don't have the time to share with all of you. I might start up a cooking blog when I retire. So this month's bon appetit had a recipe for lamb chops with dried cherries and port. 30 minutes time.

I have also been exploring Lactic Acid Fermentation and experimenting with various things in my diet such as the alcohol. I enjoy a glass of wine, I won't kid any of you, I love to catch a buzz. Unfortunately a glass a wine with dinner and few more on the weekends adds up to a lot of crap which make my legs feel like cement cylinders. So as I investigate it may not be the "lactic acid build up" but what I have to buffer or help the level of the pH in my blood stream in order to convert all the chemical reactions. Simple but very complex. I decided to do a test and WA LA, the legs don't feel like lead when I avoid alcohol for long periods of time. Hmmm, this is going to be difficult.

So after a week or so without certain chemical concoctions, Ty and I enjoyed a Mexican Dinner at La Perla last night in celebration of recovery week. My will power had jumped off the shoulder and the devil prodded my decision to split a Margarita with Ty.


spicyride said...

mmmm... mexican. i'm always tempted to buy those push up thingees. they just look neat or something.

D A N O said...

Do people still say "Wa La? Cuz thats weird if they do. :-)

Those push up thingies look like some thing used to move furniture around on the floor.

Not a real big fan of Mexican food, but will eat it when out with others.

Peer pressure.

velogrrl said...

interesting post. I like the progression from push-ups to food, then a little exercise for the brain (the science lesson), ending with strawberry margaritas (yum!!)

Now we know alcohol gives you (and probably many others) cement legs. I've always wondered what candy does - do you think it has the same effect? Any volunteers willing to quit and find out if they feel faster?

I so wish I were going to Arizona for that race. I could really use a sun and desert fix right now!

Christine said...

Well the week before I gave up refined sugar, that was a chore in itself. At least I can say no to candy.

I get excited about things rather quickly then crash and burn and decide it's sometimes too much energy thinking about it.

Lastly, Dano have you seen the Jetta comercial? what about Ta Da!

holly said...

I almost ordered the push up thing but instead ordered jump snap. The jumprope without a rope. Hasn't come yet but keep us posted on the push up thing cause maybe I'll get that next. I love infomercial products, I have to restrain myself from buying them.

Russell said...

What the F is up with that margarita? It looks like someone ran it through a blender or something.

Carlos said...

Ah, that's where the margarita is coming from!

bmxmtbfam said...

They have that push up gizmo at walgreens for 19.99. Just seen it

Sarah Lukas said...

you suck for always cooking amazingly delicious looking food and then posting pictures of it for me to see. Can I hire you for a day to come down and cook me food? Mmmm....yummy lamb chops and cherries...those cupcakes on the cover look delicious as well..