Friday, March 14, 2008

The Melt Down Begins

I decided to do my own Thursday night Alterra ride and ran into a few trouble spots on the way but nothing as drastic as this puddle thankfully. I like to ride down to Lake Park to take a few pictures an this by far wins for largest puddle of the day.

After the ride I stopped in to pick up a nickle bag of fresh coffee to share with my friends at work who are jonesin for a good cup by now.

Yummy hot Mocha with no whip makes for a delicious dinner.

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sue dionne said...

Sounds like after this week most of that snow will be gone!:) I cannot wait for warm weather and I am sure you are anxious to be riding outside every day without the puddles. Good old Wisconsin Winters, gotta love them, or NOT!
Have a good week!