Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Random thoughts

I would like to know where some of my books are? If anyone borrowed them and you are finished could you please return them. I tend to "borrow" things to people who I thought were responsible and I would hope to get my stuff back eventually without having to make a list of who has what. It is not that I really care or that I even remember I have this "stuff" but if you borrow something, maybe you should write a note to yourself to remember to return it to it's owner.

We went to a Holiday Party in the neighborhood this past weekend and the "new" neighbors redesigned their kitchen and it is to die for. To top it off, there home is spotless and free of clutter just like in those nice home magazines. After the party I was motivated to make our home look anal and uncluttered. I started with the office desk which so busy. Invaded by at least twenty cords to various machines such as the printer, phone, computer screen, lights, camera, scanner, headphones, keyboards, speakers...I am surprised the dam house has not burned down yet. So I bought a plastic accordion looking tube to hide all those nasty cords in. I have to say it looks more organized and I am one step closer to that perfect magazine home.

I went to powerflex class last night at the gym and the awesome instructor was there and the class was packed and I was lucky to scathe a spot for myself. I usually can never make her classes due to work. I have had other instructors for this class but they all SUCK and it pisses me off that I pay for this gym membership and they only have a few decent instructors who know what the hell they are doing. Anyway...Wendy sure knows how to push you to your limits and just when you think you have a break she makes you get down and do 100 push-ups UGH!

I saw a few patients in the past month who had fallen on the ice and took some pretty good spills. I had one elderly man who takes public transportation fall at least four times and hit his head trying to walk home. Luckily a good citizen saw what had happened and drove him home and made sure he was ok they unfortunately did not know he should of really got checked out in urgent care. Four days later he was in my office complaining of a headache all week, nausea and that he was sleeping with a bucket next to his bed because he was throwing up. RED FLAG, he was off for a CT scan of his head down in the ER.

I am on day #6 no refined sugar, candy or other crap that falls into this category. Candy at work, lying around at home, parties with endless desserts...these little bite here and there have added up to 3 lbs on the scale and I HAVE NOT been sitting on my ass. Top it off, I had my body fat calculated by a fellow co-worker with the calipers and that put me over the edge. Speaking of CRAP food, one of my friends so politely pointed out that "Fritos" is made with corn, oil and salt, that's good for you? more CORN!

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