Friday, November 30, 2007

My neighbor is a Bag Lady

Yesterday evening I was invited to a neighborhood open house. The invitation was e-mailed to me by a friend several weeks ago and it stated they were selling crafty things that you could use for stocking stuffers this Holiday season. I thought to myself, bag lady?, sounds like the state fair type of arts and crafts that are out dated. Anyway it was a good idea to get out of the house and call one of my friends I usually never see (because I am always biking) to join me.

Well to my surprise, when this young women opened her door to her home and greeted us with her big bright smile I was taken back. I had thought it would be an older lady type of party. So we step inside and find her home filled with beautiful things that you would of found at a speciality boutique. Interestingly, she had her other friends whom are also crafty present their items for sale too. To make a long story short, the so called "BAG LADY" I envisioned in my head had some of the most unique and beautiful fun purses I have ever seen. They look way too professional, like the one's you spend hundreds of dollars for in the department stores. The best part about her purses is that you can choose the material for her to make it, including the material for the inside lining too!

My friend Rebecca talked me into this Bag which I think is cute. I am really not a purse kind of person and I maybe buy one every two years so I hope this is versatile. Oh well if not, it's just another impulse buy.


sugs said...

It's great...da sugs has one just like it!

amelia said...

ooo i like that. and i'm not a purse person either. i don't carry one unless i have to and mine is timbuk2

Tim Drankus said...

HA !! I dated that chick for like 2years. She was always into sewing.
Tell Her Tim say Hi !!!