Sunday, November 18, 2007


The girls got together again to ride the Milwaukee River Trails located on the fashionable East Side. Thanks again to Claire for hosting the ride and Regina for organizing. The River Trails are another set of great urban mountain bike trails that are bound to test your technical ability. Sections of these trails were used for the 2005 Xterra race. If you want to see if your technical skills are up to par, then bring it to the River Trails. Since, these trails follow the river, muddy and slick conditions can be expected. There are many places to enter these trails, we chose the North Ave Bridge as shown above. We all parked on the side streets around the Pick N Save Parking lot across the street off Humboldt and North Ave.

North Avenue Pedestrian Bridge

Some of Milwaukee's urban artwork. This face reminds me a bit of Picasso

This was cute too

I should have them do some work on
my walls at home.

We all had to stop and watch a moment while a few of us tried some new stunts. We thought this would be a great ride for practicing our MAD MTB Skills. We had a total of nine of us riding and need I say there was never a dull moment.
Left to Right, Brittany, Meg, Amy, Lori, Rachael, Lyndsey

Claire started off with her amazing summer sault! We certainly forgive her for cutting loose "literally" on us. Congratulations on your Grant! I hear she lived it up a bit the night before, can you blame her?

It was nice to see everyone helping each other learn new skills and make riding that more enjoyable.

The dreaded bowl is now a sundae delite! Some of us even made it up the other side without sliding.Amy stopping for a photo shoot


The last six survivors (minus one who jetted off for a date) of the 17.5 mile ride of what is most likely the toughest trails in South East Wisconsin. I hope Meg liked this place over Panera Bread.

I really enjoyed the ride it was a lot of fun. At least our group did not end up in the river like the boys on the Alterra team.

It was nice to get to know everyone a little bit better and I wish we had more time to spend hanging out. Oh, and once again we did have a guy crash our little party momentarily.
I think Meg and I will host a Tosa River Trails Ride if anyone is interested
for the month of December.

Pictures here


MTB Girl said...

That was fun, thanks!!

Your party must have been a blast. . . .since we didn't see you at the Sun Prarie Cross Race today! :-)

regina said...

Great idea to ride the Tosa River Trails next month!

claire said...

Seriously? I love that picture of me falling!! ^_^

Can't wait to do it again - I mean the ladies ride.