Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Thursday Night Ride

Meeting place: Tosa Bridge 6:00PM

Group Ride Details : Tosa Trails

Ride Date: Thursday Night 10/25/2007

Ride Type: Mountain Bike or whatever

Meeting Place: Wauwatosa Bridge across the street from Noodles & Company address: 7700 West State Street, Wauwatosa

Ride Start Time: 6:00PM

Pace: moderate

Distance: 20-30 miles

Message: Charge up your lights and join us for some fun trail riding.

See you there !

After the ride head to Tyrines for some grub and cheer!

Post Ride Menu:

Whole wheat spaghetti with italian red sauce and ground turkey

Red wine

Lake Front Beer

Bring something to pass:

garlic bread


more wine


let me know!
Anyone interested in leaving from Tyrine's home can meet us there after 5:00PM. We plan on leaving for the trails by 5:45 from our house. Specific directions please e-mail me. or call us.


spicyride said...

wish i lived closer...

MTB Girl said...

Ok, I'm pretty slow. . . .where's the Tosa bridge? Remember I'm a "northerner".

sugs said...

Tosa bridge...on about 7620 W State St Milwaukee, WI by MapQuest (not sure the link will work)


bubba said...

I think I know the place you speak of....I'm in.

SugsCandy said...

Would like to finally get out for a night ride. My pace may be less than moderate but I know my way around, so it's all good.

Christine said...

Great! Looks like a good night for riding. Maybe Bubba can show us some of the secret trails.

Russell said...

I'm fixin' to bring a bottle of the Boone's. Then get drunk an' trash yer place.