Sunday, October 28, 2007

Fall can't get any better than this

Saturday's Girl ride at John Muir was a blast thanks to Regina who managed to organize 10 women from over a hundred mile radius to get together and ride. E-mails went out this past week fine tuning the details and all of us were crossing our fingers that the weather would hold out. We even had a plan B if the trails were closed and opt for a road ride instead. The morning started off a bit chilly but as the day progressed the sun popped out and the ride through the woods was truly a perfect fall day and you could not of asked for anything better than this.

Regina grand po pa!







Claire fashionably late

Amy right on time to even beat Claire

Lori guest appearance

Left to right
Amy D, Lori, Amy, Rachael, Claire, Amelia, me, Brittany

Washington Park Halloween Cross


regina said...

Nice picture of me being very cold, lol! It was a great ride on Saturday, wish I could have stayed for the picnic!

Matt said...

Looks a bit cold there. Hmmm....been riding in a jersey and shorts with 75 degree temps... can't wait to see what "winter" is like here.