Friday, October 26, 2007


Let's say it was a good turn out last night and too many stories to tell. I'll let these guys speak for themselves.


MTB Girl said...

I'm never going there at night again. Too freaky.

D A N O said...


Suck it up Brit! Should join us on one of our midnite cemetary rides!

Jim G said...

Too freaky? So we are all freaks now, I guess. Wow, that was mean. :)

It is near Halloween so it should be a freaky ride. Big animals with horns jumping out at you and what not.

If you rode there again at night it would be a different story because the trail would be more familiar. Also, roads border the trails on both sides and there is a dirt trail outside of the woods on the east side. The gnarliest sections are pretty short. Often people will jump out on the road or outer trail and ride to the next bridge and drop back in and wait for the people on the single track. That can be a good way to learn the trails.

There are also some straight shot trails through the woods that bypass certain sections. There is a fairly wide, straight but fun trail that goes from the bridge we turned around at to Casa de Bubba for example. Also there is another trail network that we sometimes take that goes to Greenfield park or Harley woods that are more straight forward.

You already conquered the trail and it will get easier and flow better every time you hit it.

Christine said...

The highlight of the night was running into the 10 point buck on the trails.

Thanks Russell for fixing my squeaky breaks.

bubba said...

I saw a Red Fox dart right in front of me on the trail.
Lamont was nowhere in to be found though.

sugs said...

Nice pic's...the one shot shows the trailer that bubba hauled along for the ride. Unfortunately, he forgot to fill it with beer, some "clyde" he is.

tosacrosser said...

Little ole Tosa freaky? Surely you jest. If you want freaky, we can take you on the South Shore/Grant Park trails at night sometime. Now those are freaky when you realize you've been riding less than a foot from a 50 foot drop off into Lake Michigan with nothing to stop you from going over!