Monday, October 02, 2006


Tyrine's analysis of the Sheboygan course as of 10/01/06. Fun, Fast, challenging and Root-O-Riffic! The course was dry on Sunday with only a few spots of mud you could maneuver around, otherwise it is FAST! As long as it does not RRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Take a gander at some of the terrain for our final WORS race of 2006. Rumors that we heard over the weekend is that Antonia Leal will be making a comeback to the final WORS race at Sheboygan at the top of the equalizer hill handing out all the cash this year.


MTB Girl said...

Man it's gonna SUCK if it stays wet. So "she" is not racing? Just handing out cash? Whew! That would suck to drop in for one race and hand it to everyone. . . . .ggggrrrrr.

MTB Girl said...

P.S. Did you do the jump?? Don't be afraid. It's easier than it looks. I swear! :-)

Christine said...

Hmm...I did the jump last year and the expression on my face was pretty hilarious, looked like I was going to fill my pants, we will see which is the best line.

You never know who's gonna pop in for this race, like a pro sandbagger in my age group. That would be the icing on the cake!