Friday, October 13, 2006

No Schedule

Wow, the end of the race season is finally here and I can't believe I miss it already. I feel like I have all this energy and hate to waste it now. I was thinking of doing a cross race with my MTB to see if I like it. Duckette tells me just pump up those tires. Sounds a bit difficult, 30 mins plus one lap full heart rate, but from what I hear other people talk about, it is a lot of fun. I also won a free entry into the Crystal Ridge Night race for tonight, but I have never rode with lights at night and I think I would need some practice, especially before tackling the intestines backwards. TY was interested in hanging out there tonight to watch and have a beer, that sounds better to me. I am kinda gettin used to not having a schedule and doing whatever sounds like fun and not worry about getting my hours in riding. I was phyched to go to the gym again and work on getting Buff. I kinda dropped off the lifting routine this summer due to race season. My gym bag has sat on the front seat of my car all week, but after work I feel tired and it has been a delight to say **** **, I feel like relaxing, and you know what? I can for once, kick back and do whatever, and it is a great feeling. Teri
my coach thinks I am crazy that I miss racing after such a long season.

Thanks to Teri, Yeah, she's the young one, but pretty smart for her age. I have learned quite a bit about myself, thanks to Teri, over the last year such as my style of racing, and things I still need to work on. Like a good wine, sometimes it gets better with age:) I know for a fact that I can't expect to aspire to a pro mountain biker over night or ever for that fact, but at least I can dream to become the best at this age and still have fun in the meantime. I really like having an organized schedule since I live such an active busy life, Teri is able to adjust it to my lifestyle. She really has done a great job and has made adjustments in my training schedule according to my performance, job, vacation, illness or what ever comes up. Check out her credentials.

So this is about how I felt at the last race.

Going into the last race of the season it was a close competition between Greisbach and I for first place. We both had our share of mechanicals this year as well as victories and I have to say Christine was the better racer this year. Well at least this race she got to the single track first and I got bottlenecked. So I saw her get into the single track before me and that was it, my entire race was spent trying to catch her. I was so FOCUSED that everything was a BLUR. Thanks to Colleen for her motivation on the first lap to keep me going and all the cheers I heard in the background of "GO CHRISTINE", I thank you all for your support. I especially thank my husband Ty for his support and letting me know how far ahead my competition was, it helps. I swear I gave it my all, especially in the back half of the course where it seems I picked up some good time, but unfortunately, Greisbach is good in the single track and it was hard for me to make up time in the front. I had a great race and I am glad to of had such great competition this year. Congrats to Gresibach for a great season! Here is a nice picture of her and her family watching the elite race.


MTB Girl said...

Great season Christine! And you should have joined us for the night race. It was my FIRST time even riding at night as well. . . .it's QUITE different. It would have be a LITTLE more fun had I actaully ridden with anyone. . .

Anonymous said...

Way to go Girl!!! You were smokin' this year!! Hope your off-season training will bring you to many future top finishes. Looks like next year's schedule changes coould be FUN!!! We may all have to step it up a little this winter. We have some tough competition..yee haw
MTB Buddy,