Sunday, January 06, 2008

Thank goodness it's 2008!

Now that the holidays are gone it is time to get organized. The last two weekends were spent hibernating and it felt great! The bathroom remodel project is coming along just nicely. Captain of course is doing all the hard labor as I iron out the decorating details. I can't wait to have this project behind us. I also managed to clean 3/4 of the basement and organize all kinds of things. I managed to have a stock pile of goodies to sell this summer. Our neighborhood rummage sale always lands on a race weekend and I keep saying every year I am going to join in. I have so much IKEA stuff brand new, never used that it is a shame it is sitting here in the basement collecting dust. We also have tons of bike stuff, new and used piling up and I would like to rent a table at the Madison Bike Swap or what ever you call it to sell this stuff. If any of you have any info on this I would appreciate it. Anyway, getting organized is good for the mind, now I can relax.

The only other thing going on is this ridiculous cold that is irritating the piss out of me. It started Wednesday and then it was gone on Thursday and then back on Friday and all day Saturday. I had no energy and a bit of a stuffy nose and sneezing. I hate getting sick because I hate sitting around doing nothing. There is only so much TV surfing, reading, flipping through magazines and lying on the sofa I can handle before I get stirr crazy. What really makes me mad is just when you think your feeling better and you get up and move around and want to do something constructive and then you feel like shit again and have to rest. I finally feel good today and was able to get in a ride. I sure hope this is gone for good.



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