Thursday, January 31, 2008


Sometimes I have to play a mental game with myself especially when I am stuck on the trainer. I don't like to watch videos so I try to visualize all kinds of stuff when I ride but sooner or later you run out of things to think about. The music is blaring but the mind wonders so easily and I am trying to learn how to stay focused. I actually have thought about learning how to chant. I know you think this sounds silly but it works! Any of you have any comments I would love to hear them. Im running out of fun ideas.


Russell said...

One doesn't learn to chant. One just chants.

I find that after the first 2 hours or so the mind is clearer.

MTB Girl said...

I think Video games are the way to go. I'm trying to convince Captain that WE need to go that route. . . . .

Christopher said...

I generally use two different chanting methods. The first is a two-word phrase, done on alternating breaths. Utilizing the full capacity of your lungs, speak the first word while completely exhaling before taking in the next breath. Then speak the next word in the rhythm of your breathing pattern. So, it sounds something like, "Thiiiiiiiiiissssss (breath in) Suuuuuuuucksssssssss," (breath) "Thiiiiissssssss (breath in) Suuuuuuuuuuuckssssssss." Really focus on the bordom of staring at the wall, the pain in your legs and your desire to be outside riding on a warm day, your chant will be much more inspired. My second method follows the same pattern of breathing, but instead I use the phrase, "IIIIII (breath) Haaaaaaate (breath) Thiiiiiiiiisssssssss (exhaling completely)." Honestly I don't have any real advice regarding chanting. When I do yoga I really focus on my breathing as if I were chanting, and that seems to help my mind calm down. Let me know if anyone gives you good advice about this. I'm willing to try anything that keeps me on the trainer longer!

Mike said...

drink more coffee.

Christine said...

Repetitive wors really work, especailly under certain circumstances. The breathing thing is awesome if you can stay focused and rhythmic. Yes, caffiene works, especiallly FRS but too much upsets my stomach.

Anonymous said...

I think your just nuts!!! Ty probably has plenty of video's that you would love to watch if you know what I mean. HAHAHAHA !!!!

velogrrl said...

Can you get a thing to put on your bike that would let you read, since you don't like to watch videos? I get alot of reading done on the eliptical trainer at the gym when there's nothing good on TV. They have these Lucite book holders that you can put on the machine which will keep your book/newspaper/magazine in place. They also have a little TV on each machine with a headphone jack, which is nice cuz you can change the channel, etc.

Carlos said...

When I'm on the rollers, I just play my trance/electro music and I'm set for about 2 hours. :-)