Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Better stock up now!

For those of you heading out to Lambeau Field on Sunday you may need to wear something warm.


velogrrl said...

Speaking of toasti toes.... I bought a bunch of toe heaters at Lowe's for 1.35 each, then I saw them at Walgreens, which I didn't know carried them this year. They are about 1.00 each there if you buy the Value Pack, which I have not seen before. (Of course the best thing is to buy a lot of them on sale at the end of the winter!)

sue dionne said...

The way it sounds you will need more than toasti toes to keep warm at the game! I think I will enjoy it best in my recliner under a warm blanket with a nice cold beverage that doesn't cost $6. Go Pack Go!!

Anonymous said...

I don't feel sorry for anyone who freezes their ass off at that game.