Monday, August 27, 2007

Smokin Spoke

I hit a brick wall after my record died and they turned off the light switch. That about sums up my race report.

Thoughts that went through my head during the race:

my aching back, I should of took the ibuprofen before the race even thought it could kill me or make my blood thicken.

I feel like puking, I feel like puking, I feel like puking

My shorts are crawling up my crack again and again and again...

I could DNF right now and then I would feel better

Who invented this GEL crap?

Am I being punished for yelling at GREG?

That was number someteen Sport Girl who passed me... whimper, whimper

My next bike is going to be a dual suspension, Oh wait!

To think I gave up alcohol this entire week for this race, UGH


MTB Girl said...

See, that was probably the the alcohol up. Your body was in SHOCK! Silly girl. :-)

old 'n slow said...

Misery loves company and there was plenty to go around in Rhinelander.

You finished and that's what counts.