Friday, August 10, 2007

attacking it

Thursday night Alterra ride was once again a
challenge for me. Riding with these guys, I always have to be 100%
focused at the start to keep up which is good for me I guess. I am suppose to think
of the positive aspects of my rides so here is the data of my best efforts for last night.
These numbers look better than my averages.
Time: 1:44:54
Miles: 31.4
Max Watts: 520
Max HR: 215
Max MPH: 25.4
Max Cadence: 128
Calories: 781


MTB Girl said...

Are you sure you hit 215? You know me and my high heart rates. . . .but i'd be dead! ;-)

Nice job. One of these days I'll actually come ride with you guys. . .

Christine said...

The 215 could be a run of Supraventricular tachycardia or interference. Don't get me going on analyzing, I doubt it was that high, usually my Max HR 185.

As far as riding, I get dropped all the time, even by Angie now. I will never be the Thursday night star, but that's ok with me.

Carlos said...

I'll come to the next ride with a new baby.
Have a nice weekend.