Monday, August 13, 2007

The New Taj Mahal

Another addition to Tyrine City.
After several camping trips we decided to get this for some shelter from the sun. 30 X 30
I am sure it will accommodate the Alterra gang and a few friends. Since many racing venues have on site camping we have decided to invest in some shade.
After Saturday's ride I was smelling a bit stenchy on the course and found out
that it was my helmet. I was wondering why it was so hard for me to catch MTB GIRL on those hills, she was keeping away from me because I smelled, LOL! I guess two years or so of sweat most likely is causing a nice growth of something in there so I decided to wash the helmet before purchasing a new one.
I heard you can put a helmet on the top rack of a dishwasher and it will take care of the stench. That would be the last place I would stick my helmet, sounds like a guy thing. So I soaked my helmet in Dawn with bleach and scrubbed the straps in hope to rid those bugs. After that I hung it out to dry on the clothes line in the sun. I think that did the trick. DAWN DETERGENT seems to be good for a lot of bike issues.
I am also finding that since I switched to detergents that are free of dyes or deodorants (because it is suppose to be good for your skin and better for the environment) our uniforms are not smelling too pretty either since the change. So I am back to using TIDE with BLEACH and a bit of DOWNY fabric softener for the Bike Kits. I am thinking this is a REAL good idea for now. I also have read somewhere that DOWNY fabric softener, or any softener for that matter in your clothes and it will keep bugs and insects away, I guess they just hate that smell.
Do any of you have any remedies for cleaning bike stuff ?


Regina said...

I rise my helment at least once a week now, since I get it all sweaty and gross. it helps it stay fresher longer.

We use Gain to wash our clothes, it makes the bike clothes smell nice!

spicyride said...

it's very strange, but my head barely sweats. i hate it, my face gets beat red and my head always feels way overheated. my helmet has never been more than damp. i suppose that's why i usually vurp on a super hot day. as an fyi i've alwayes been told that fabric softener and liquid detergents shouldn't be used on cycling clothes (any wicking material essentially) as it clogs whatever it is that is wicking you.

Anonymous said...

Seventh Generation makes a good scented (or unscented) powdered detergent that is not petroleum-based so it is better for your kit and the environment.

Helmet - take it in the shower with you and shampoo it.


Christine said...

Hey, thanks for all the tips. I know that softner can alter the kits wicking so I try to use just a tiny bit. I never use softner on my winter stuff, that stuff is way to important and expensive to wreck.

Where can I purchase Seventh Generation stuff, I guess I can google it.

MTB Girl said...

It doesn't matter what I use. . . .my stuff still smells. I'm just THAT smelly. And I wish I DIDN'T sweat as much as I did. Those who ride with me know I look like I've showered when I'm done, because my hair gets THAT wet. I literally ring it out. Yuck.

That tent is HUGE! I can't wait to sit in it sipping a vodka lemonade this weekend. SATURDAY night, of course. ;-)

Christine said...

What, I can't talk you into joining me Sunday morning for some fun on the down hill. This would go perfect with a hangover, it's 65% down hill.

MTB Girl said...

I'm still on the fence. I guess we'll see how fast the vodka lemonades go to my head. :-)

Anonymous said...

You can buy Seventh Generation products at Whole Foods or Outpost. And I think even Sendik's might carry it.


velogrrl said...

I've got some Seventh Generation powder I got on sale at Wild Oats I haven't tried yet - I'm gonna try it soon and see how it works. I thought it was only softener we shouldn't use on our wicking stuff due to clogging - though I have also seen labels for technical shells and jackets that suggest using powder. I have also read that dryer sheets like Bounce can cause fires in dryer vents because the lint trap screen gets completely clogged. if that's true, then the clogging the wicking fabric thing makes sense.

interestingly enough, the special Tech-Wash stuff they make for gore-tex, down, and soft shell jackets, etc. is a liquid. go figure?

as for sweaty, like Brittany, I too get dripping wet hair and in general look like I just stepped out of the shower... On hot days I've been wearing a headband so it doesn't drip in my eyes and on my glasses! it's a pain, but I figure at least it means my cooling system is working?

ksjc said...

poke a few holes in a zip lock bag and through a few scented dryer sheets in the bab. Then shove the ziplock in your bike bag. It works like a slow release air freshener.

Christine said...

I like the zip lock baggy idea, sems simple :-) So I Googled Seventh Generation and found Whole Foods and Out Post sell their products. I picked up a bottle of the liquid detergent safe for HE washers, and the detergent smells awesome. 150 FL oz bottle of seventh Generationblue eucalyptus & lavender Natural Laundry soap for $10.99, good for 50 loads and I also picked up a bottle of their natural fabric softner, neither products have petroleum based cleaners.

So the real test was Captains clothes after doing his intervals last night, they were soaking wet. I tossed them in with my new Laundry Detergent and TA DA! They smell awesome and fresh and not even a hint of stench.

Thanks for all the great advise, I really appreciate it!