Sunday, August 12, 2007


Captain, Tim and I headed up to Mt Morris on Saturday to join the gang for some riding and help Don with some trail work. I the directions off MAP QUEST and it took us on a wild country road tour but we finally made it, a bit late but we were still able to help out a little. Don is working on some final touches on a awesome course he and his crew developed. Over 240+ hours of labor was put into the course and the trails are awesome. I think this weekends events at Mt Morris are going to be exciting especially with all the events that are going on. The cross country race on Saturday, Poker run on Saturday night and Super D, Short Track and Slalom race events on Sunday. I even here there is the biggest swag yet in all of WORS history for this event. On course camping will sure to be a blast.

Some part of the course

Single track, DUH

Feet check

Jeff, Captain, Tim and Don getting ready
to have Don show us his course

The Westphal's

Relaxing after all that great food MTB girl brought

I signed up for the Super D and Short Track events on Sunday and I hope to see more of the Sport Women out there to join me in the fun on Sunday, it should be a blast!

Check out the events

For details about the course lay out check out
MTB GIRL she has a good description of how it feels :-)

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MTB Girl said...

Thanks for riding with me. I had a lot of fun!